What The Flock Have I Been Up To?


Welcome back! There were many times I thought this page would die and many apologies and excuses were given when I did neglect it, but life really got in the way lately and I did eventually allow myself to fall off for a good long while. No excuses this time. I am not sure what will become of this site, but I was notified of a little traffic to it lately and thought a brief return would be better than never returning at all. I believe you can expect some more games and some more painting coming up. I have actually lately received some training by the famous Bucky, so I think my latest work will really blow the earlier stuff from this site out of the water. Time will tell, of course, but I do think this is not yet the end of this blog.

What The Flock Have I Been Up To?

Hail to the King

Well, your boy came in third! Not too bad considering it was my second organized Malifaux league ever. I have to admit I thought I could pull it out, but I am the sort to get my hopes up a little. I did manage to get in a game with the reigning King of the Hill, though, and learned the title is honorable. He crushed me.


This time, we played on a modular board that the King designed himself. Gremlins faced Gremlins, with the King bringing Ulix and his herd of pigs to meet my Brewmaster and Moon Shinobi for some drinks. Highlights included a first turn War Pig summon who promptly started ripping up my crew, Trixiebelle accidentally shooting and killing Burt, and Lenny trying to be my scheme runner.

It was ugly, and I learned some new things. I’ve got a game tomorrow and may have to play grey this time… *shudder* See you then!


Hail to the King

Back From The Unhealthy


Bet you thought I quit, eh? Nah. I had some health issues to attend to. Apologies for fewer and fewer updates are very commonplace on the blog lately, so I only would really ask you to understand that it was difficult getting here from time to time. I haven’t been feeling very well. Nothing entirely serious, but nothing really small either. I even tried to write this last night but my laptop died, in case you wanted another excuse. Anyways, let’s get on to business, and recap with each other.


This familiar setup gets a little spice later in the post.

We finished up a Rapid Growth league lately, and a few of my games were three player. We have been doing this commonly and I later on get a little tired of it. Here you see some of my Gremlins, led by Som’er. I find most of the time in these three player games, I spend most of the time just trying to get the hell out of my corner. There’s always action in the first turn, and I am starting to find it bogs everything down a little.

Anyways, I actually think my chances are pretty good for taking the trophy back to the Bayou for this one. I got a lot of wacky achievements done, although I also started to dislike the format a little, as I am not yet a good Malifaux player, honestly. I found that even the little achievements were causing my opponents to not play as they naturally would, and I did not find myself learning anything new. I eventually just tried to win in a real, “honest” sense, and I wound up pulling out one achievement for winning a game without killing any enemy models. I’d say that worked out.


My first Brewmaster game, including me actually getting drunk. However, Brewy himself betrayed me on an important flip by instead offering me a sample to try, as well.


I finally got some games in with Brewmaster, and I was actually pretty impressed with how things worked out. He was annoying, he was debilitating to enemies, and he held down a Rogue Necromancy, a Hanged, Cassandra, a Peacekeeper, and more through the course of a few games. The Gremlin faction has been inviting to me, although I am reluctant to continue taking them in more competitive formats.

I also was finally tired of my setup with just a 3×3 green felt square with some very rushed terrain, so I acquired my own Mat by Mars in my absence from you. I wanted something… I guess you could say noncommittal? I went with the Abandoned City theme, with bricks and cobblestones being overgrown by nature. I figured a variety of terrain could fit on it, and it has been a great investment that I have been meaning to make for a while.

Here’s the mat with my buddy’s terrain from earlier. Mine is considerably more shoddy, but I am working on it!


Anyways, it is good to be back. No more empty reassurances that I will be immediately back for more tomorrow, but it feels good to be a little more on track. I’ve missed this, and I found it harder to return to as time went on. Oh, hey, I forgot to mention: I also received a commission for a friend. He gave me my pick of the remaining Crossroads Seven in exchange for assembling, basing, and painting Envy. I’ll stick around for that, at least!

Back From The Unhealthy

Gremlin Steps

Hey guys! Short update today, nothing that is finished but I have been working on some Gremlins and wanted to at least prove that progress is being made. Please excuse the cat hair on Som’er and any out of place paint or brush strokes, as they’re all works in progress. The seam on Som’er’s face is driving me crazy. However, we’re closing in on some finished stuff, so stay tuned!



Gremlin Steps

Fed After Midnight

Trying to stick to my guns, I spent a great lot of time on minis this weekend. I binged on gremlin assembly Saturday (still giving dirty looks to my Skeeters) and binged on painting Sunday. I decided to speed paint the gremlins and get them off the table, also hoping to get in a game with them soon. The experience painting Orks seriously paid off and I had managed to bang out a lot of green gremlin skin. Of particular note is Lenny, who will be featured below although he is only a work in progress. Hey, aren’t we all?

Although I started the year dedicated to Ressers, I have to admit that the sudden boon of Gremlin models and the charm they all have is really starting to sway me. Som’er is quickly becoming a favorite without even having a game with him under my belt yet, Lenny is a dream to paint, I can’t get enough of making bayou bases, and I actually like a lot of the old metals. It is the only faction I have declared for anything, so far.

Anyways, I have beaten around the bush for a while now. Days, even. Here is Lenny, still in progress. Expect more soon, as I’ve gotten paint on several Bayou Gremlins, Sammy, Francois, and Som’er himself. See you guys soon.



Fed After Midnight

Apply Pressure

Hello again! Got another entry here for you folks. Trying to get back up to the near-daily updating that I started this whole thing with. Someone who has been to this blog before may recognize that I am a little flighty and direct all of my passion onto one thing until it sort of fizzles out. This blog was a project to help keep me on task and now I’m not even keeping on task here! Well, your boy got a game in this past week and, while it was quick and dirty, it really got me buzzing to play again.

Now the title of this entry isn’t entirely snappy, but here’s where it comes in. I am finding that the scorn of others is a terrific motivator. It’s what got me involved in the TriState Faux League and now I am using it to get some projects done. There is a local league set up and of all things, I declared Gremlins. Now, besides Brewy and McTavish, I don’t have any Gremlins done. I did manage to whip together a Gremlin Zoraida list to play with in the meantime, and now I’ve stuck myself in a position where I’ll have to get this stuff assembled, painted, and played. I’m really looking forward to Som’er’s classic Bayou Gremlin spam. The pressure to get it all together is officially on, as my next game is in almost 48 hours from now.

Now on to our game!

It’s a little crude, but I am head-over-heels in love with the modular bricks.


Yeah, so I played some unpainted stuff. Sue me! Here we have a 26 SS battle with very simple lists. Zoraida (Tarot Reading, Crystal Ball), 2 Moon Shinobi, Bayou Gator, and a Waldgeist against Molly with two Hanged. My opponent intended to summon the rest (and boy, he sure did!)

We are playing with Rapid Growth rules, which are like an… umm…. rapid slow grow league with wacky achievements. This game wasn’t played to be won, necessarily. It was played to be wacky.

Highlights include:

-Playing a turn with my awful hand revealed

-Giving my opponent half of my stones to play with

-Finding accidental synergy between a Moon Shinobi attacking a Voodoo Doll (who relents), killing a Hanged outright on the first turn

-Running in my last Shinobi in an attempt to be tabled

-Score for being tabled

-Have an opponent start with three models and end with more than ten (I encouraged him, I love Maniacal Laugh)


Honestly, I’m not sure what to expect going forward. I guess I can expect some wacky games where my awful record won’t matter as much as all the zany BS I can pull.

Luckily, I’m a master of BS.

But what can you expect?






Apply Pressure

The Holiday Haul (or, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Declare Ressers”)

Hey again kiddies. Now that the holiday seadon is well and truly over and I have gotten over a hell of a cold, let’s start getting this blog back to some regularity. Not a ton of progress, but a good bit of news that will ensure I keep pumping out content. Now, we do not know each other personally, so I’m happy to set aside the esoteric and altruistic rewards of the holiday season and get straight to the goods. Let’s see what your maniac author managed to acquire lately.

Now, I did describe my Black Friday order earlier and don’t want to bore you with that again, but to sum it up: Ressers, Neverborn, one Gremlin. I’ve decided to shelve my Neverborn for the most part this year, just for the sake of keeping me from overwhelming myself. That said, I had intended to go Ressers and am now, incidentally, also going Gremlins. The God’s honest truth is that I just don’t think I’m a very good NB player, so I’m looking for a new flavor that goes a little better with my style of play.

Now, the Ressers were a plan but the Gremlins, much less so. I’ve always dabbled, and my McTavish is probably the most featured fig on this blog, so it seems pretty natural. When my fiancée hooked up a Burt Jebsen, Som’er Teeth box, and Ama No Zako for funsies, I knew I was in. Within a day, I would also own Gracie, four more Bayou Gremlins, and a Hog Whisperer. Throw in a Slop Hauler and I’ll be happy with Gremlins for a while. I also obtained a Seamus box, a Tara box, Toshiro, a Spawn Mother, Simulacrum 29, Night Terrors, and a plastic Datsue-Ba because my metal one is becoming something of an adversary (oh, see what I did?). Honestly, I feel like I’m omitting some pieces, just to prove how much is on my plate. Now, on to actually playing.

We’ve started a local league with monthly tournaments, as well as a slow-grow weekly tourney. Also, my friend from my latest “game” post will be back this Sunday, so there’s lots of models to paint and lots of games to play. Stay tuned!





The Holiday Haul (or, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Declare Ressers”)